Gardening Pictures Gardening Pictures Green tomatoes Grown on my deck in pots, these tomatoes escaped the blight that took most of the tomato plants we put into the community garden plot. 93526478 Ready to ripen Ripening this season was over a month late, but I still managed to get a few dozen tomatoes. 93528454 Blushing Bride Hibiscus 93528455 Day lily and hibiscus My day lily didn't bloom this year, but hopefully next year! The plant was extremely healthy and happy, though. 93528456 Peppers! These are the world's smallest green peppers, I think the pot I had the plant in was waaaay too small for the little guys. 93528458 ~Jalapeno~ This pepper type did very well on my windowsill, however. 93528459 Food bank plot At the Port Royal Community Garden 98211025 My Plot! Yum! Swiss Chard! This is very late in the season. I had a lot more in the plot in the month previous (peas, beans, carrots, zucchini, and cucumbers) 98211026 Me, hard at work. Hahaha, sort of... 98211028 Cucumber Yummy! I don't usually like this variety when I buy it at the store but it's awesome fresh off the vine. 98211029 Zucchini I grew this plant from seed and was so happy it survived the crazy aphid infestation earlier in the season. I got about seven or eight giant zucchinis off this plant this season. 98211030 My Money Tree Grown from a wee little thing, it's now like four and a half feet tall. 99149256 Coffee Plant The only plant I am allowed in the bedroom. My husband swears that plants steal his oxygen. 99149257 Mexican Hat Grown from seed...but that's not that hard to do. 99149258 Flowering Cactus 99149259 Cactus This cactus has grown nearly a foot in a year, crazy. 99149260 Jade Plants Droopy, but still lovely. They are being partially blocked by my Yucca. 99149261 Dracaena Taken from above. 99149262 My Yucca A gift from my stepson's grandmother. 99149263 Mini Roses Despite frequent maulings by spider mites, this plant is almost three years old. I think that's pretty good for mini roses...and definitely good for me, because it's the only indoor flower I've managed not to kill. 99149264 Mint and Thyme 99149266 Me in the garden 99149267 Dahlia I did not grow this, but I really like the picture. 99149268 Winter Seedling 99149269 Food Bank Plot Pictures from my first attempt at a winter garden. 99149270 Broccoli Sprout 99149271 Food Bank Plot, Part II The "junk" on the dirt is chopped up zucchini and squash plants I am using as mulch over the winter. 99149272 Me, again 99149273 Swiss Chard A delicious, hardy crop. 99149274 My Personal Plot Winter planting. 99149275 And one more giant zucchini A 4 lb monstrosity....yum! 99843425 Um yah, it's the same width as my window... (This is not an illusion, it's just ridiculous!) 99843426 End of season Tomatoes (As in, it's almost October!) 100122403 Basil 100122404 Ivy in the Kitchen 100122405 Tomatoes on the vine 100122406 Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes 100122407 Pansy 100122408 Begonia in November 106582657 Christmas Cactus My latest attempt at an indoor flowering plant. Lesson learned - this will not be transplanted until it stops flowering!!! 106582658 Chinese Evergreen 106582659 Herbs in November 106582660 Marigolds with their 2nd leaves! 119223134 Window sill garden A couple of these will be heading with me into work, eventually anyway! 119223135 Seedlings! 122512811 More plant babies... 122512812 Freshly watered. 122512813 122515308 122515309 122515310 122516071 122516072 Freshly repotted I've been having great luck with my transplants this year *knockonwood* 123893509 Pansy 123893945 My tulips! This is my first year growing tulips. I put the bulbs in last fall. 123893946 So close... 123893947 Early Spring 125398029 Sweet peas on my balcony 125398030 Lavender 125398031 Tomato Babies 125398032 Violets for Violet My African violet blooming just in time for mother's day. 125398351 My tulips in bloom! Finally! 125398976 125398977 125398978 Sweet Peas and the City 126455991 Herbs 126455992 Red Ruben Basil 126455993 128551335 128551336 128551337 128551338 Gardening 134705645 Garden Plot 2011 134705546 Balcony Garden 2011 134705547 Orchid My new orchid - so far so good! 145447357 Poinsettia A not-so-red poinsettia. 145447358 Christmas Cactus in January 148485555 Christmas Cactus Blossom In Black and White. 148485556