Sweet Detachment

On growing, creating, and capturing the moment.

Welcome to a celebration of the creative spirit.

This website is dedicated to creativity in all its forms.

In it you will find links to my poetry and short stories, as well as links to some other great sites.

For some great gardening tips, photographs, and thoughts on life please check out my blog.

Foodie Fun is a collection of tried and true recipes guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

I also have Creative Creations, where I showcase my efforts at crafts, cooking, and other creative methods of expression that don't involve the written word. There are lots of good tips and links for people who may want to try some of these things themselves.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions that you may have. Feedback is always welcome and very much appreciated!

Thanks for perusing my site and may you always find an outlet for your creative impulses.

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Where to find what:

My Blog is a place where I post gardening tips, photographs, poems, and general musings about life.

My Gallery is a space for me to post photos of things I have grown or made, or simply moments I captured and wanted to share.

Creative Creations will take you to step-by-step tutorials and descriptions of my creative madness.

Foodie Fun is a collection of recipes that are personal favourites of mine. 

 Links will take you to sites that either showcase my writing, give you gardening tips or are simply worth checking out.

About Me is pretty self explanatory.

If you want to contact me, or leave feedback:

If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback please use my Guestbook. However, when leaving comments please be aware that obscene, vulgar or hate-filled remarks are not welcome on my site. This is most definitely meant to be a positive little corner of the internet. 

Thanks for visiting!