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Gardening at Timber Court

Posted by Tricia Drover on July 31, 2013 at 2:15 PM

We have been nearly a month in our new home and I am finally feeling settled.

However, no garden will be planted this year. It is just too late in the season and this summer is just too filled with plans.

Next summer, however, will be filled with PLANTS.

Thus, this summer I will need to find time for planning.

I have two different locations (at this time) to grow. There is talk of starting a community garden in the complex and, if that comes to fruition, I will definitely be a large part of that initiative! However, for now I am just looking at the growing space attached to our townhouse.

I have a small area in the front of our house that gets a significant amount of morning and early afternoon sun. However, this area is for "ornamental" gardens only, so while I might get away with an herb garden, I certainly won't be allowed to grow cukes and carrots.

The balcony off of our bedroom faces the same direction, and this is where I intend to plant my tomatoes and peppers, possibly some strawberries. It is a small deck so I will have to be fairly creative with space but I think there is potential for a fairly high yield mini-garden. After all, I do have a fair bit of experience now with small space gardening.

My actual garden plot is in the back, and unfortunately it does not get a lot of direct sunlight. Currently the plot is filled with semi-shade and shade plants (clematis, hostas, a few various bushes and a baby pine tree). I am going to try to salvage as many of the plants as I can but next year I want that entire plot cleaned out.

My goal is to grow lettuces and any other shade-tolerant veggies. I also want to expand the lattice work on the patio and grow cukes and sweet peas on the walls, where we get more sunlight. I still have a few plants in pots (my chestnut tree, hibiscus, mint, and oregano) and they seem to be doing fine, and over time I will probably be adding to the potted garden back there as well.

Finally, outside our back patio is a space with some cedar bushes and gravel. I am not a huge fan of cedar and my husband is allergic, so I am going to look into removing these and replacing them with berry bushes (blueberry and raspberry, hopefully, although the raspberry will probably have to be potted to prevent spreading). 

All of my indoor plants seem to be adjusting well to the dramatic change in light. We have big windows and I have a couple grow lights set up inside and (yay!) we haven't lost any yet. *FINGERSCROSSED* it stays that way.

Pictures of the new space to come!

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