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Dealing with Darkness

Posted by Tricia Drover on November 3, 2013 at 10:25 AM

When we purchased our new home I knew that I wasn't going to be blessed with the sunlight of our condo. The two bedroom apartment was practically a greenhouse for my plants, whereas we are now living in a shaded cabin in the woods! However, at first my plants didn't seem to mind the transition. We have large windows and patio doors in our living room so, although they didn't get the direct light that they were used to, my plants were still getting enough sunshine throughout the summer months.

And then...fall happened.

Plants began dropping left and right. My money tree is in shambles. My ivy is pretty much dead. Even my hardy Yucca is not the speciman that it once was. My ficus has done admirably, as have my orchids (shocking, really) and my spiderplants. We all know that spiderplants will grow anywhere, so my plan B is just to grow A LOT of those if nothing else will take the darkness of my hobbit hole.

Plan A is grow lights. I have two in my living room right now, and they seem to be making a positive difference. I try to remember to turn them on (and off!) every day when I go to work, in addition to opening the curtains to let what feeble natural light is available into the house. It's been about a month and thus far I haven't lost anymore of my green babies, but the overall success of my attempt remains to be seen as we head into the darkest time of the year.

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