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Summer To Do List

Posted by Tricia Drover on June 19, 2015 at 4:20 PM

So far this summer (well, almost summer!) my garden has been going wonderfully. Even my cucumbers are happy and free of mildew. Overall it has been relatively easy due to the hot, dry weather and the fact that I have about a million spiders in the woods near my place. Oh, and birds. Lots and lots of birds that seem to really enjoy eating slugs. Nothing like all natural pest control!

BUT some problems are starting to arise. My hanging basket is looking scraggly and unkempt. I do have a few aphids on my nasturtiums and mites on my snapdragons. My strawberries have been disappointing and my tomatoes are much smaller than I was hoping. Also, as always my shade garden is a challenge.

My first task will be to give my hanging basket a haircut. I will post a before, after, and two weeks later pictures to see if this will help return it to the beauty of a few weeks ago.

**Update** I am going to give my drastically chopped hanging basket one week before I give up on it. I am not sure exactly what happened. I kept it watered and fertilized and I meticulously deadheaded. Yet, somehow it just started dying off. Actually, to be fair it is only one type of flower within the basket that started dying: yellow bidens.

***Upon doing a little research I think it might have been the pruning that I did that killed them off. My petunias are doing fantastic, as are the verbena.  But the little yellow flowers are pretty much destroyed and I am now realizing that is probably my fault :( Oh well, you live and learn. As I said, I will give it one more week and if it doesn't start to recover I will replace the basket with something a little easier (or harder?!) to maintain.

Some links for those that want to be more successful with hanging baskets than I have been:




The bugs I have been dealing with by washing them off (either with just water or a dish soap and water combo). So far it does seem to be helping but I will definitely be keeping a close eye on the little pests.

My strawberries needed some nutrients. I added some mushroom manure so hopefully I will get some more fruit this year. The fruit I have had has been a bit bland. I am wondering if it is not hot enough to bring out the sweetness? Do strawberries even work like that?!

My tomatoes, well, I have taken off the sucker but it might be too little, too late. I have two varieties growing – Tiny Tim and Juliet. The plants look VERY different. The Juliet are very sparse, light green, and tall. The Tiny Tim are a lovely dark green and very bushy. It will be interesting to see how much each variety produces.

Apparently I cannot grow spinach. It keeps growing weak and sparse, and then falling over and dying before it can even grow its true leaves. HELP!!!

And my shade garden? I am thinking of turning it into a perennial garden. More about that later!


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