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Update on Garden 2015

Posted by Tricia Drover on July 16, 2015 at 2:55 PM

We are approaching the middle of summer and I have had one of the best gardening seasons of my life to date! The fact that the weather has been hot and dry is definitely a factor. It allows me to have complete control over the level of water my plants receive. Obviously that ongoing drought is a major concern for other reasons, but it has been pretty beneficial to my cucumbers.

I will be doing a photo collection of the garden in the coming week while I am a bachelorette (for a few days, anyway!). It will showcase my flourishing veggie garden, my funky little rainforest back patio plant selection, and my potted patio garden.

I am seriously thinking of getting or making a mini greenhouse for my patio garden. I already have a shelving unit, would it be that hard to grab some clear poly to create a neat little space to ripen my peppers and tomatoes? I think I see a project in my future!!!

I am also pondering my plans for my next garden already. Although I have been really happy with the success of this garden, I am finding that I am not getting the variety of veggies that I was hoping for. I am going to do a bit more research into square foot gardening to see if I can squeeze more out of my 36 sq ft.

And of course, there is the pondering of a winter garden. I wonder if my neighbors would mind if I used a cloche to grow lettuces? Should I overwinter garlic? What bulbs do I want to plant this fall?

So many questions, so many plans…it really is a wonder that I have to do anything besides garden!


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