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Fall Maintainence

Posted by Tricia Drover on October 7, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Fall is officially upon us and has been for a few weeks. This past weekend I finally managed to pull out the last of my summer veggies and plant my bulbs for the spring.

I have a nice row of tulips at the front of my garden and some garlic planted in the back corner Where I hope it won’t create too much shade for the rest of my plants. I love home grown garlic but it is a big user of real estate, so I have only planted about six bulbs. 36 square feet isn’t exactly enough garden to grow copious amounts of anything!

However, it is still 6’ X 6’ of garden space that is all mine, and I intend to make the most of it!

I still have some beautiful nasturtiums in my garden that I will probably leave until the frost kills them. I have already harvested some seeds although honestly I probably didn’t need to. I am sure I will have plenty of plant volunteers next spring. However, with the seeds I can be a little more selective about where things grow.

The back patio is also (mostly) all ready for hibernation. I have been doing some reading about my hummingbird feeder, and found what seems to be a very knowledgeable guide at this link:



Based on this I could leave my hummingbird feeder out all winter but, as it is glass, I hesitate to leave it out during the freezing months.

I will be leaving my bird seed feeder out for the winter, however. Pretty sure my jays and chickadees will appreciate that.

Most of the plants in the back will either go dormant or die off when the frost comes. I have a few plants that I am not sure what to do with, however. My ivy and my sage are both perennials, but both are still relatively young and have shallow roots so a deep freeze over the winter months may kills them.

I need to decide if I want to leave them in and see how they fare, or bring them in for the winter. And if I bring them in, where do I put them? My house is so dark that they might just die anyway.

One option is to move them both to the deck outside my bedroom. It is warmer and more protected there, and I can construct a little greenhouse area on my shelves to protect them. This is likely what I will do, assuming that I find the time before the cold arrives. We are having an unseasonably warm fall as predicted so it is likely I have a couple more weeks before I have to worry about this.

And my upper deck…well…I will worry about that at the same time! I love my garden and I love my plants but sometimes it would be nice to have a gardener for all of these sorts of tasks. 


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