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Kid's Capes

What to do when you have a couple half metres of fabric and a few hours to spare? Why not make your child a superhero cape!

I did just that for my stepson this Christmas. Although I found more complicated patterns online, I decided just to do something extremely simple. This project is an easy one, perfect for the sewing supern00b looking to make a quick play cape or Halloween costume. 

How to make a super simple superhero cape:

1. Use a T-shirt of the child to determine the approximate necessary width and length of the cape. I designed this cape to hang straight down the back, not to hang off the shoulders, so the distance from armhole to armhole is ample. For the length measurement, I added a few inches at the bottom since I felt waist length really wasn't quite cool enough. Be sure to make the cape widen toward the bottom so that it has a little bit of shape to it.

2. Cut out two pieces of (ironed) fabric to the measurements in Step #1. You can use whatever type of fabric you like, but keep in mind that kids play rough so making sure they are durable and washable is a good idea. I like nicely contrasting colours for this project. I used orange and light blue (my stepson's favs) but really the combination choices are endless.

3. Sew the two pieces of fabric together, front to front. Sew all the way around, but be sure to leave enough of an opening somewhere to pull the fabric through. This will hide your seam (for the most part, anyway) and the two layers of fabric will give your cape some shape and durability. Once you have completed sewing, feed the fabric through the opening you left, revealing an almost completed cape. See how easy that was!

4. For a fasterner, I just cut out and folded two straps from the liner fabric. These I ironed and sewed together, folded in three to give the straps some support. I sewed these onto the cape in an X pattern, making sure to attach them securely.

5. Finally, you can always create your applique or iron on some storebought ones. I just cut out some letters out of leftover fabric so I could put my stepson's initials on the cape; however, I don't recommend doing this. The fabric will eventually unravel and the letters will become unrecognizable! In retrospect I wish I had cut them out of felt or another type of fabric that doesn't unravel, or just bought the iron-on appliques at the fabric store. Oh well, you live and you learn! Another great idea is to screen print or fabric paint on the cape. This can even be done with the child, which would turn this into a way to spend some time together 

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the process of making it, but I have plans to make more for my friend's children and I'll get a better tutorial put together then.


This year my stepson wanted to be Supa Odin (his own superhero creation) for Halloween, so I made him a slightly more elaborate cape and costume. Ironically, though, he still prefers wearing the first cape I made him (pictured above). Three years later and it's still going strong! 

Here's Supa Odin!