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Under where? Underwear!

My latest sewing project is making myself some fun new undies. It was actually easier than I had anticipated, although I have to admit my first pair looks a little rough. The second was very successful, though, and I'm pretty proud of the finished result.

This was also the first piece of clothing that I had made from a pattern :) The pattern I used is a part of this package from McCall's (#5651). I made patterns A & B. The jungle undies (below) are an example of pattern A.

Here are some images of the final product and a step-by-step of how I got there...


First, I ironed and folded my fabric and then traced my pattern out, ensuring the fold was in the appropriate place and paying attention to the grain of the fabric. I also measured out elastic for the waistband and leg holes. This is the best part about making your own underwear - it's made to your own dimensions!

Then, I pinned the pieces together to get an idea of how the finished product should look. The first time I did this, I didn't realize that the crotch piece was supposed to simply attach on top of the crotch part of the underwear -  I had thought it was supposed to be sewed on as an extension. This obviously made the underwear waaaay too big and saggy, so I had to do some chopping and fixing on my first pair. They ended up fitting great, but they look super rough. The second time, however, I didn't make this mistake and they ended up looking pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

Undies from the back :) 

After pinning, I then sewed the pieces together using a zig zag stitch to allow for stretch. I sewed the crotch piece on using a simple straight stitch so that the stitching would be less noticeable.

After all that was done, it was time to attach the elastic. Again, the first pair I made looks a lot rougher than the second, mostly because I forgot to sew the elastic into a circle BEFORE sewing it to the fabric. The biggest thing to remember when sewing elastic onto fabric is to stretch while sewing, to ensure that the finished product will stretch properly when wearing it.

After I completed sewing on the elastic (I double stitched it all the way around) I cut off all those annoying little stringies and gave'em a try. 

Then I chronicled my attempts with a different pattern option.

First, I ironed and folded my fabric and laid out the pattern to trace:

Then I cut out the pieces and pinned them together, to get an idea of how the finished product would look:

Then I sewed it all together, using a zigzag stitch for most, and a straight stitch to attach the crotch piece. After this I attached the elastic, which was extremely difficult due to the type of fabric I had chosen. This fabric has no weight and therefore a tendency to curl on the edges. This made attaching the elastic evenly pretty much impossible, at least when using a basic sewing machine.

In the end I think the whole project turned out okay.

 Hooray for sewing!